Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing & User Acquisition

Zeskup provides end-to-end services for mobile marketers. Whether you’re
looking to grow installs, drive in-app actions, or engage your existing users,
Zeskup’s approach to mobile marketing is summarized in three steps.

What We Do

Align with Your Goals

Zeskup provides mobile technology consulting that aligns with your goals, helping to fill gaps and build smarter apps.

User Aquisition

User acquisition through Zeskup’s Partner-Direct Portal, integrated with TUNE, AppsFlyer, Kochava, and Adjust.


Re-engage users time-and-time again, increasing lifetime value and monetization of your user acquisition campaigns.

How We Do It

Here’s how Zeskup maximizes your user acquisition dollars

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Who We Work With:

Zeskup is Partner-Direct! After driving more than 1,000,000 installs for client apps in verticals like e-commerce, entertainment, music, games, transportation, finance, business and productivity, Zeskup realized that our clients need a single quality source to acquire quality customers. Zeskup is that answer.

Zeskup works on Retainer, CPM, CPC, CPI or CPA models, helping you achieve your goals.

Let’s connect and talk about your mobile marketing strategy