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There are three main products on AMS:

Sponsored Products

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Target by keyword, appear below search results.

Drive sales with keyword-targeted ads within search results.

Sponsored Products are keyword-targeted ads within search results. Boost the visibility of your products when shoppers search for keywords you bid on. Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) Sponsored Products allow sellers to rank at the top of Amazon’s product listing search results. This is basically the “Adwords for Amazon” product.

Headline Search

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Target by keyword, appear above search results.

Drive sales and brand awareness with keyword targeted ads above the search results.

Headline Search helps you drive brand awareness and sales with keyword targeted ads above the search results.


Headline Search Ads are also keyword targeted CPC placements that allow you to promote 3 or more products. When shoppers click on your ads, they go to the brand page or custom landing page at that you specified.

Product Display

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Target by product or interest, appear on related product detail pages.

Drive brand and product awareness with shopper interest and product targeted ads on detail pages.

Drive brand and product awareness with shopper-interest and product-targeted banner ads on detail pages. These are CPC interest or product targeted display ads that drive traffic to a product’s detail page. Product Display Ads run across desktop, mobile web and mobile app.

Why Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

We produce best-in-class designs that are both aesthetically appealing and conversion driven. Our design team has years of experience testing and optimizing designs and sales experiences to reach business goals.

It’s no secret why Amazon has become a consumers’ first destination for product search over search engines and retailers. It is crucial for you to be selling your products through Amazon Vendor Central, but there are many things you need to know in order to succeed in their market place. Let our team help you navigate your way to success on AMS.

Amazon Marketing Services offers advertising for keyword, product, and consumer interest targeted ad campaigns. Available to nearly all vendor and seller brands, Amazon Marketing Services helps drive demand and direct sales for your products. The ad placements are bought on an auction-based cost-per-click model.

Unlike Google, Amazon will award higher organic rankings to products that are selling successfully using Amazon’s Sponsored Product Ads. It’s important for them to showcase products that are top sales performers.

Our Process

Outside of managing your day-to-day campaigns, budgets, bids, creative and messaging our team works on optimizing your image(s), search results and product pages. This helps lift sale performance, organic rank and positioning.

Right from the early planning stages to execution on AMS, we will work by your side to ensure your success.

We are a digital marketing agency that brands have trusted for more than a decade.

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